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3 Tips to Help Increase Your Sales Numbers

Even stores that have a banner year and can report the best sales figures in the history of that location could still benefit from some tips on how to improve their sales.

3 Tips to Help Increase Your Sales Numbers

Below are three ways in which stores can do exactly that.

1. It All Starts with Who You Hire

One of the most important things that any store can do is hire a talented staff who is not only skilled for and up to the tasks that are set for them, but who are also excited to get up every day and meet that challenge, It goes a long way when you hire someone who actually loves their job and is happy to come in to work every day.

You can have the best product in the world, but it doesn't mean anything if you don't have a staff that knows everything there is to know about that product, including - and most importantly - how to effectively market it. And this is not just limited to salespeople either; this also includes everyone from the field reps who set up the promotions to the managers who approve discounts and incentives on free or marked-down samples. Speaking of incentives...

2. Offer Sales and Discounted Products

When you offer sales and/or discounts, you are showing your customers that you care about them and their budget. You know how hard it is to make that hard-earned dough, and you want to help them hold onto as much of it as possible (while also encouraging them to spend some of it with your company). Discounts and sales are also a great way to earn repeat business, since a customer who finds a great deal on one of your products, a deal that they haven't been able to find elsewhere, will return to your store time and again to get that same deal.

3. Practice Add-On Selling

We've discussed add-on selling on this blog before, but it warrants mentioning again here. If you're selling a product that requires batteries, why not place a battery display next to the product or, at the very least, adjust your signage ("Don't forget the batteries!")? If you sell food, perhaps suggest a beverage to go with the chips or cookies your customers might pick up. The key to add-on selling is to not be pushy about it. It's supposed to be more helpful than "salesy," so your salespeople have to be salespeople without really acting like salespeople.

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