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5 Benefits Enjoyed While Monitoring Remote Employees

It's hard out there in the field when you're trying to manage a team of employees who are spread out over a wide geographic area. How can you possibly manage everyone's individual performance effectively? In actuality, you can use a cost-effective software application to monitor what your team is actually doing when they're out in the field, as well as how much time they allocate to specific tasks while they're out there.

5 Benefits Enjoyed While Monitoring Remote Employees

Five such benefits that can result from using such a software package include:

1. A Better Grip on the Organization's Budget

Gone are the days of simply assuming the amount of resources necessary for a project. With monitoring software, managers can see how much time a rep spends at a particular store and the tasks that are being accomplished while they're there. This helps the manager to better understand the needs of that store and allocate resources accordingly, including time spent at that store and the number of reps assigned to each district (to ensure that a rep isn't being stretched too thin and that the store is ultimately suffering because of it).

2. Improved Productivity

When you know you're being watched, you tend to do a better job, and the same goes for field reps. When they know they're being monitored, their productivity increases, so just letting your team know that you are using such a software package can be enough to boost morale. Being able to monitor your employees also allows you to fix any problems as soon as they arise in the field, rather than finding out when the rep reports back long after s/he has left that store, which saves a significant amount of time (resource) that would have otherwise been wasted.

3. Improved Project Management

With a time-tracking software package, managers can better allocate the time their teams spend on assigned tasks and compare their metrics to those defined in the planogram. This helps prevent delays that may have otherwise occurred in the field when reps work inefficiently and, if it is determined that the planogram is to blame and not the rep, then that planogram can be adjusted accordingly in order to meet the needs of the project.

4. Improved Assessment of Employee Performance

When you are able to monitor your employees in real-time with such a software package, then you can measure their output almost as immediately as they produce it. This helps managers see whether or not the right reps are assigned to the right stores and shift them around accordingly, especially if either too many or too little reps are assigned to a particular district. This ensures that each store can enjoy a sufficient level of attention.

5. Improved Feedback

Tracking software allows managers to more easily provide that oh-so-important regular feedback to their teams. The lack of regular feedback is one of a remote employee's top complaints, so you definitely want any help you can get in that area to remind you to provide such feedback and to make that feedback meaningful. Meaningful, you say? Yes, with tracking software managers can provide more detailed feedback on the specific tasks that each rep accomplished while in the field, rather than providing a vague blanket statement on the employee's performance as a whole. This improved feedback can help the rep see the exact areas in which he or she is strongest, as well as where he/she needs improvement.


Monitoring software allows managers to better understand what (and who) is working out in the field, and what (and who) is not. It also provides the opportunity for managers to give that all-important regular feedback, and in more detail, which is not only beneficial to the rep receiving it but also to the company as a whole. That's because a rep is more likely to keep on with the company if s/he is made aware of what needs fixing and how to fix it, rather than walking out the door due to a lack of communication from management - causing otherwise preventable turnover costs for the organization.

Are you enjoying the benefits that monitoring software can offer your company? See how your performance fares against that of your peers by clicking below to receive our free Field Force Productivity Assessment.

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