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3 Red Flags That Indicate Your Company Needs a New Culture

The world of start-ups has permanently changed the way businesses works, and perhaps their most important legacy is that of company culture. The CEO of AirBnB has gone as far as suggesting that company culture will be AirBnB's most important legacy, as it alters and changes everything else that goes on within a business. So, how does your company culture stack up? Do you believe a shake-up is in order?

Here are three red flags that might indicate it's time for a big change in your company culture.

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Tips and Tricks for Effectively Managing a Remote Workforce

When managing a remote workforce, you want to get the maximum value from your payroll expense. Considering this is the largest expense for your business, you want to be sure your payroll hours are being used efficiently and productively.  So how do you manage your workers? Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks to help you more effectively manage your remote workforce.

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3 Coaching Tips to Improve Performance

For most companies, field reps are considered to be the backbone of their business. After all, they are representing you and your brand.

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4 Ways to Decrease Shrink by Training In-Store Reps

Shrinkage can have an incredible impact on retailer profits, so it’s important to nip that pesky little issue in the bud before it can have the chance to blossom into a potential disaster.  Here are four simple ways you can help.  Train retail associates (and sometimes even their managers):

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3 Ways to Position a Product for Increased Sales

Most often, we get no choice as to where products are placed or how they are price-marked.  However, savvy merchandisers often find creative ways of getting products in prime spots -- even if temporarily.  Next time you find yourself in the enviable position of having a store manager tell you, "Sure.  You can cross-merchandise your product in that department," here are a few tips to get the biggest bang for your buck.


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We're Thankful for You!

On this Thanksgiving day, one of the very many things we're thankful for is you:  the users of Every Store Perfect!

Lack of Clear Field Communication: Eliminating the Indistinct Intelligence That's Costing You Money

Distance and time separates your organization's management from its valuable field professionals. As a result, adequate communication is an important concern, since communication failures can lead to productivity declines, that sap the lifeblood from your company's profitability. Excessive use of resources, inconsistency and lackluster execution are only a few of the business disruptions promoted by ineffective information exchange.

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3 Habits Of Successful Merchandisers

Have you ever wondered why some merchandisers are so successful while other merchandisers seem to struggle? There are specific practices that thriving merchandisers employ to make sure that their customers and employers are satisfied. The habits of successful merchandisers can be implemented in any store and will improve the experience for customers and consumers.

Want to stand out among your peers, help your company, its customers and retail customers, and feel great doing it?  Here are three simple steps.

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Understanding the Root Causes of Unproductive Time

When you pay your field reps to be on the job, you want to know that they're doing exactly that: working productively throughout the entire day. Unfortunately, there are times when you find yourself wondering just what it is that your field reps are doing all day. Understanding the root causes of unproductive time can go a long way toward helping to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

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Drive Field Productivity with the 'Hawthorne Effect'

Did you know that you can make significant change in the behavior of people simply by telling them you're watching?  You can, and here's how.

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3 Things You Can Do This Holiday Season to Take the Bite Out of Online Sales

There's no doubt that brick-and-mortar retail is at war with online sales.  Statistics are already out saying that, although the forecast is better than recent history for in-store sales, online sales are expected to climb at a much faster rate.

We all know that online shopping can be convenient, but what can we do to take sales away from the electronic world?

Good, old fashioned, merchandising.  Here are 3 tips to remind you of what you can do to make sure every cart goes through every register with as many (hopefully up sold) items as possible this holiday season.

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Follow-Up Like Your Job Depends on It

People rely on you -- both inside and outside your company.  In fact, you rely on others as well.  When you consider the supply chain, each link of the chain involves one or more people from manufacturing the product to bagging it.  As retail merchandisers, we play an integral role because we connect the manufacturers, retailers, and consumers in an effort to maximize the consumers' shopping experience while also maximizing the manufacturers' and retailers' sales.

From a high level, all three groups of people are relying on you, and from a low level, the store manager -- or field manager to whom you gave your word is also relying on you to help them do their job and look good to their superiors.

Unless you make it part of your personality to follow up on everything, you're going to forget things, things will "fall through the cracks," and a large number of people are going to be disappointed.

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Check Your Ego at the Store's Door

In a prior post, we wrote about doing what's best for the store and, in fact, that's your mission: to serve the customer.  We can't serve the customer if we're serving ourselves, and we can't serve the customer if we allow ourselves to get involved in politics, positioning, jockeying, fighting over who gets credit for what, etc.

We can never let our personal egos and agendas rise above the needs of our customer, so let's check our egos at the store's door.

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Do What's Best for the Store

Think of a brand you trust.  The fact that you trust that brand means nearly guaranteed sales and profits for the company behind that brand, even if they never advertise to you again.  When you need or want their product or service, they'll be first in your mind.


Because you trust them.

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Create a Feeling of Warmth in Every Store Call

The other day, I was shopping in a large retail store and couldn't find an Item.  I found a retail sales associate and asked for help.  Rather than walk me to the product, he looked up from his inventory task with great irritation, pointed, and said, "Aisle 14."  

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Effectively Managing Your Field Force During the Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful time for even the most Zen among us, and there is little doubt that the stresses and anxiety that go along with this time of year carry over into the workplace. As Business News Daily reports, 70 percent of employees are significantly more stressed during the holiday season.  Knowing that the retail environment, especially, becomes busier during the holiday season, it's essential that managers find a way to keep employees happy, motivated and productive.

Here are some simple solutions for managing your field force during the holidays.

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Planning vs. Executing the Perfect Retail Store: Why Your Dreams Aren't Always Reality

“It’s the most maddening thing imaginable, the biggest problem I encounter,” says Julie H., a third-party field merchandiser who does installs for some of the most recognizable names in retail. “I’d say that with at least 80%—probably more—of my installs, there’s some part that’s been sent that’s wrong, or else some part that’s missing altogether—bolts, graphics holders, even main parts of the fixture!” 

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Can You Maximize Retail Success Without Technology?

Can you maximize retail success without technology? Sharon Goldman, writer for CIO, implies "no" in her latest article, 7 Technology Lessons Retailers Learned in 2015. "The realm of sophisticated technology tools...can now be found in every nook and cranny of today's leading retail organizations," Goldman said, "- from up and down the supply chain and every corner of the store, across marketing departments, and, of course, at the very core of e-commerce and mobile."

Three of Goldman's points captured our attention as we explored how technology works to maximize retail success.

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