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5 Important Interview Questions to Ask the Aspiring Field Rep

When interviewing candidates to fill an open field rep position, you need to know the right questions to ask that will ensure that the candidate before you is going to excel at the job and put in 110 percent all of the time. The candidate's views must match those of the organization, or you will end up clashing with each other for the duration of that candidate's employment.

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Yes, Company Culture is Possible with Remote Teams

While many may think that you can't have a company culture unless you're working a regular 9-to-5 in an office somewhere, that's not actually true. Cultivating a sense of company culture is possible -and just as important - for teams who are out there working in the field.

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How Your Company's Culture Benefits Your Customer

It is important to have a strong company culture, and we have discussed the value of this in other blog posts. But you may not realize that a strong company culture can also benefit your customers as well.

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8 Ways to Improve on Your Retail Sales Training

Training is so important, mainly because whatever you do during the training session is what your employees are going to remember and act on when they're out in the field. So if you screw up one aspect of the training session, that screw-up is going to replicate like a computer virus.

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Best Practices for Assigning Field Territories

When assigning field territories, you must keep an eye out for inefficiencies so that you can tighten them up before they become a bigger problem. Inefficiencies can be anything from too much money spent on unnecessary travel expenses, too strong of a focus on a store that doesn't need the help, or, conversely, too little time spent with a store that does. Having the right data at your fingertips can help you achieve more successful territory management.

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Strategies for More Accurately Measuring KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) give managers the data they need to make important and more strategic decisions for the company. But how do you know which KPIs are more important to measure? 

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Boosting Your Team's Happiness in Order to Reduce Turnover

As a manager, your duty to your team goes beyond making sure they meet all of the goals that you set for them -- it is also important to ensure that morale is high and that your team's needs are being met so that you can reduce the number of employees that you would lose insofar as turnover is concerned.

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5 Benefits Enjoyed While Monitoring Remote Employees

It's hard out there in the field when you're trying to manage a team of employees who are spread out over a wide geographic area. How can you possibly manage everyone's individual performance effectively? In actuality, you can use a cost-effective software application to monitor what your team is actually doing when they're out in the field, as well as how much time they allocate to specific tasks while they're out there.

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Tips for Giving (and Getting) the All-Too-Important Workplace Feedback

One of the worst things for an employee to feel is the fear of receiving negative feedback, but one of the worst things for managers to do is to not provide any feedback whatsoever, leaving their employees twisting in the wind insofar as how good of a job they are actually doing.

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The Purpose and Importance of an Action Plan

Having an action plan for a store is similar to being "put on probation" after receiving a less than stellar annual review at your job. Your boss discusses with you exactly what it is that s/he is not happy with and works with you on a plan that, going forward, will attempt to fix whatever it is that you are doing wrong so that when the next review comes around, s/he will be able to give you much higher marks (unless, of course, you don't attempt to make any improvements at all - in which case, out you go, and deservedly so).

So that, in a nutshell, is what an action plan is - a corrective action plan that lays out for the store its issues, how to fix them, and who should be responsible for fixing them. The action plan also usually includes a deadline by which those actions need to be fixed so that, if it is ultimately determined that the action plan didn't work, a new course of action can be charted in an attempt to resolve the same issue. 

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A Day in the Life of a Field Manager

As a rep, you may wonder how a typical day goes for your average field manager, particularly because working remotely does not afford you the same awareness of your teammates as does working in an office setting. Well, there's no real mystery to it. A day in the life of a field manager is akin to a day in the life of any manager in any business setting.

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4 Strategies to Help You More Effectively Manage Your Field Reps

Managing a team of remote employees is no easy feat. How can you be sure of exactly what they're doing and when they're doing it? What can be done to increase the amount of trust you have in your team? 

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3 Kinds of Communication that are Crucial for Remote Workers

The key to making any relationship work, business or otherwise, is communication. Not being clear with each other can lead to a host of misunderstandings, and those misunderstandings can quickly grow into something unmanageable.

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3 Tips to Help Increase Your Sales Numbers

Even stores that have a banner year and can report the best sales figures in the history of that location could still benefit from some tips on how to improve their sales.

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Keeping in Touch: 5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Field Reps Via Mobile Messaging

Considering how nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays, if your organization isn't hopping on the bandwagon to harness that technology for the greater good, then you'll be surprised at how fast the competition will leave you in the dust - especially if you manage a remote team of field reps. Here are five reasons why your company should already be taking advantage of mobile messaging capability.

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Conducting an Audit? Pay Particular Attention to These Key Areas

The best way to take a store's temperature, so to speak, is by conducting an audit. And not just one audit every few years or so - you want to regularly audit a store so that you can stay abreast of any issues before they become catastrophes. You can also notice trends this way, and then plan accordingly.

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The Answer is "Yes," You Too Can Benefit from Using Field Management Software

Perhaps you have what others would consider an unconventional business in that you don't have a retail location where shelves are stocked, audits are conducted, and field managers are visiting you every quarter, so how could you possibly benefit from field management software? The answer might surprise you. No matter what you business you are in, chances are there is a way to make field management software work for you.

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5 Tips to Help You Ease into the Promotion from Field Rep to Field Manager

It's the moment we equally look forward to and dread: the moment we get promoted. Who doesn't want a promotion? The snazzy new title and a potentially bigger paycheck to go along with it. But the temporary downside to securing that new promotion is transitioning into it. 

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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales Numbers

It can be a hard world at times for retailers when it's so much easier for a customer to simply go online and purchase the exact style, shape, size, color, or brand that they are looking for. But brick-and-mortar stores still do pretty well when taking this relatively new convenience into consideration.

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4 Ways to Help You Make Your Remote Employees Feel More Appreciated

It's an issue that we tackle time and time again on this blog, and that's because it's an important one: how do you establish a feeling of camaraderie amidst a team of employees who are rarely, if ever, in the same room with one another? And how do you reassure your team that yes, you do appreciate them as individuals and the contributions that they make to the company?

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4 Ways to Prevent Field Rep Burnout

It's easier for field reps to experience burnout simply because they can't just blow off steam at the water cooler with their peers each day. It is up to them to motivate themselves every single day when they get up for work, especially if their managers aren't the greatest at communication, and it can become downright tiring to consistently be your own cheerleader.

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3 Time Management Tips for Field Reps

Time management is incredibly important in the workplace, and it's even doubly so for field reps. That's because field reps are constantly bouncing from store to store, spending time on tasks like conversing with store managers about the current state of things, evaluating shelves and promotional displays, and even conducting audits. 

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