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4 Ways Retail Activity Optimization (RAO) Can Help You Win at the Shelf

It is every retailer's end game to "win at the shelf." And that has never been more important than it is today when so many purchasing decisions are made while the customer is at the shelf. You want to make sure that your out-of-stocks are low and your product range is high.

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13 Advanced Features that Smart Mobile Forms Have to Offer

On this blog we tend to talk about mobile forms for the beginner, but if you have been working with simpler mobile forms for a while, you may want to venture into more advanced territory and start incorporating smart mobile forms.

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Rip Off the Band-Aid, and Give Field Mobile Software a Try

It's sad really, but even in this day and age, there are still plenty of businesses out there that are hesitant to try new technology because they are afraid of it. They have no idea the kind of money they would otherwise be saving, or the kind of efficiency they would otherwise be creating.

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4 Ways Vendors Can Benefit from Field Mobile Software

We talk all the time on this blog about how field reps and their managers can benefit ten-fold from field mobile software - and it's true - but they're not the only ones; vendors can also find their jobs made easier with it, too.

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Quick Tips for What Not to Do When Working as a Field Rep or Field Manager

There is a significant difference between "customer service" and "working for a paycheck." Sure, field reps don't have to have as much direct interaction with a store's customers as the store's staff do, but it is still incredibly important that reps and their managers convey a professional attitude and that they are ready, willing, and able to help, and with a smile on their faces.

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Company Culture Quotes to Boost Your Team's Motivation

Company culture can be hard to cultivate, especially for field managers who are working with remote teams. It's difficult to get a field rep to stay motivated when they work long hours on the road and are never really in the same room as their peers, save for the bi-annual or quarterly company meetings.

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6 Ways Field Mobile Software Makes Data Collection and Reporting More Efficient

Even today, with the benefits that mobile technology has to offer, companies are still experiencing difficulties when it comes to their data collection, reporting, and follow-up.

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10 Tips to Help You Be a Better Field Manager

Being a field manager is a rewarding job, but it can also be a tough one, just as any managerial position can be. It is easy to become overwhelmed and to worry that you aren't doing as good of a job in your position as you could be doing.

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10 Insights that Retail Management Software Can Provide to Your Business

Retail management software can provide insight on several aspects of a retail environment that can either be difficult or impossible to obtain otherwise.

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The 4 Essential Functions of a Successful Field Mobile Solution

 Using a field mobile solution is typically better than not using one at all. However, the most successful field mobile solutions contain features that companies often find they simply could not function without.

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6 "Hats" a Field Manager Must "Wear" Well in Order to Be Effective in Their Role

Field managers have complicated jobs. In addition to having the responsibility of managing a field team that is scattered in eight different directions, field managers also have to serve a variety of different needs - and serve them well - in order to be effective.

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Spotting and Stopping Causes of Phantom Inventory

Phantom inventory, or "ghost goods" as the situation is sometimes called, is when inventory is either deliberately or accidentally manipulated to make it look like a store has more product than it actually does. Either way, it's a false representation of that store's product, and it needs to be addressed and handled immediately; preferably, the signs of phantom inventory need to be recognized right away to ensure that it doesn't happen again and that those responsible can be apprehended.

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7 Causes of Out-of-Stocks (OOS) and How to Fix Them

Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, you're just shoveling dirt against the tide when it comes to out-of-stocks (OOS). It is a persistent problem that dogs every store manager, field manager, and field rep, and it seems like an issue that just doesn't go away no matter what you do.

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Don't Be Afraid to Manage Your Manager

To be the happiest in your current position, you need to be able to manage your manager. The very concept sounds scary and like a recipe for a pink slip, but if you do it right, you will have a more fulfilling and rewarding experience working for your company than if you were to remain tight-lipped and agreeable to everything, even if everything isn't necessarily agreeable.

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Quotes for When You Just Had to Fire Someone

Did you have to fire a member of your workforce recently? Letting someone go is an incredibly hard decision to make, but if the company is not a good fit for that person - or worse - if the person did something greviously wrong and unforgivable, then the only solution unfortunately is to terminate his or her employment and find someone who will perform better in that role.

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3 Ways in Which Mobile Apps Improve on Communication in the Retail Industry


So we already know that the mobile apps that are included with field retail software packages improve communication in the workplace by allowing employees and management to communicate via instant messages and chat rooms, but there are a number of communication-related nuances that mobile apps improve on as well.

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The Importance of Effectively Building and Managing a Company's Culture

There are a great number of books available that detail exactly how to build and manage a culture.  One of my favorites is The Advantage, by Patrick Lencioni. 

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7 Ways in Which Apps Make the Data Collection Process More Effective


It truly is jaw-dropping how much time field mobile software can save reps when they're out in the field, and equally jaw-dropping is how much more accurate this software can make data collection. Field mobile software is far superior to the archaic method of using a paper and pen, and if you can customize the software to be a more comprehensive package than just a basic form solution, then you can have something really magical on your hands.

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Field Managers:  Make Your Life Easier by Embracing Technology for Your Staff

There are two types of field managers in the world:  those who complain about not having weekends due to chasing people down for reports, running to stores that need photos, and beating people up for their paperwork; and those who enjoy their weekends.

How can you be the one who enjoys your weekends?  Simple: embrace technology and promote it to your staff.

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Helping Your Team Create a "Wow!" Experience for Every Customer

In the example we used in our previous blog post where we created a fundamental to build relationships with store managers, understand their business wants, needs, and requirements – then communicate it back to HQ, you’ll want to study the answers you’re getting back to better model your day-to-day service in such a way that you exceed expectations (again, via autopilot.)  Suddenly the ‘rituals’ (which can be said in other ways like: “that’s just what we do,” or more colloquially, “that’s how we roll") simply and automatically delight your customers.

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3 Ways to Build Company Culture for Employees Who Don't Work Together in the Same Room

Fostering camaraderie is a difficult business, particularly if you don't work in the same room with your co-workers. Field reps rarely spend time in the same room as their peers, and they see their managers just as rarely. But in spite of this, you actually can still nurture a pretty strong sense of company culture just the same.

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Why a Culture of Greatness is Required for "Perfect" Stores

Have you noticed, say, in the last 10-15 years how the quality of all service has declined?  It’s as if the entire world has converted to an entitlement-attitude and feels they are doing you a favor to over-charge you for bare-minimum service.  People say they will return your calls and don’t.  They rarely get it right the first time.  Everything takes way longer than it should, and it’s a surprise if you feel like you receive 100% of the value you paid for.  What’s worse is that when you complain about it, you’re often met with a blank stare that screams, “I really don’t care.  Please just go away.”

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8 Ways Field Mobile Software Can Improve a Field Rep's Daily Activities

If you're a field manager operating without a field mobile software package, then how can you be sure exactly what your reps are up to at this very moment? Field mobile software allows you to see the tasks your team is completing and when, and at which stores they are being completed.

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4 Ways Field Mobile Software is Changing the Retail Inspection Process

We talk a lot on this blog about how field mobile software can enhance retail audits, but it is pretty invaluable for regular store inspections as well.

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The Importance of Noticing the Effort Your Field Reps Put into Their Work


All of us want to be recognized for a job well done at the office, but for field reps who have no office, it is especially important that their efforts don't go unnoticed.

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3 Non-Physical Incentives to Keep Your Field Reps Motivated

The question isn't "how should I motivate my team?", because their motivation truly lies in whatever it is that is keeping them coming back to the job every day. Whether it's the roof over a rep's head, or the fact that he or she has to put food on the table, that motivation is already there. But as a field manager, you can help keep them motivated so that it isn't such a drag to go into the field each day.

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Overcoming Three of the Biggest Challenges Involved with Being a Field Rep

There are three major drawbacks to being a field rep, but those drawbacks don't have to get you down. To every problem there is a solution, and so there are ways to overcome all three of these drawbacks.

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6 Features to Look for in Field Mobile Software that Make Implementation Simpler

Many companies want to switch over to field mobile software from their less efficient, more time-consuming traditional methods, but they are still under the false impression that the conversion process is always intricate, involved, and expensive - not to mention, ironically, time-consuming.

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8 Non-Financial Incentive Ideas for Remote Employees


Every employee appreciates when their hard efforts are recognized, but it's not always about the money. Non-financial incentives can mean just as much - sometimes more - than financial ones, mainly because non-financial incentives can create memories that last a lifetime, long after the extra money is spent and gone.

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12 Ways Field Mobile Software Has Changed the Retail Industry for the Better


Field mobile software is one of the best things to hit the retail industry since the invention of the cash register. It has made field reps more productive and more efficient, and it saves companies potentially billions of dollars that would have otherwise been lost in time wasted and mistakes made - both things that could have been avoided had field mobile software been made available to these companies sooner.

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4 Ways in Which Mobile Software Can Help Increase Sales and Maximize In-Store Execution


How well an individual store performs at the retail level can ultimately affect the retail industry as a whole, which is why it is so important to have the best possible performance when it comes to in-store execution.

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