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Which Demographic Spends the Most in a Department Store?

A lot of retailers try to go after Millennials because they believe that is the demographic that has the most flexible income, and/or that is the demographic that is more willing to part with their cash.

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3 Ways to Engage Customers While They Wait in Line

Waiting in line is one of the worst parts of retail, and it's inevitable. Even with self check-out lines, there's still a line as customers wait to pay for their purchases. This is usually the time when parents reprimand their kids, teens check their phones, and older folks take a gander at the tabloid stands. But this is actually prime real estate for engaging your customer base.

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Why Convenience Plays a Major Part in Customers' Decision to Shop Online

RetailWire recently published a blog post that detailed why it is exactly that brick and mortar stores face heavy competition from online retailers insofar as convenience is concerned.

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5 Ways People Can Be Convinced to Spend Over Their Budget

When a customer walks into a store and tells an associate that they have a budget they need to stick to, the associate often believes that the customer's budget is set in stone and that they have to stick to the customer's budget in order to keep the customer happy. However, as NRF recently pointed out in their blog, customer's budgets are often more malleable than associates may think.

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Using Gift Guides to Help Your Customers

How many of us have started out with an idea of who we want to shop for, but have no idea what we want to get them? Shopify recently shared a blog post offering tips on how companies can implement gift guides in order to help boost their holiday numbers.

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3 Ways to Turn Seasonal Customers into Long-Term Ones

The holidays bring everyone out of the woodwork, including people who don't normally shop at your stores. These customers may have a holidays-only relationship with your those stores, in that they only think of them and shop with them once the holiday season rolls around, only to disappear again until next year.

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Are Sales Promotions a Department Store's Kryptonite?

RetailWire recently published a blog post in which they pondered the thought-provoking question: are sales promotions the "cancer" of department stores?

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Are Your Stores Stocking Enough Inventory for the Holidays?

So here's a common problem that RetailWire addressed in one of their recent blog posts: how much inventory is too much (or too little) for the holiday season?

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3 Reasons Why Retailers (Finally) Choose More Innovative Solutions

Recently, RetailWire published a blog post that tackled the idea of why ever -- or eventually  -- retailers finally veer toward more innovative solutions. 

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How to Get Customers to Engage More with Your Brand

RetailWire recently published a blog post detailing the ways in which customers would prefer to engage with the brands to which they feel the most loyal.

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Tips to Turn Window Shoppers into Customers via a Store Display (Post 2 of 2)

In a prior blog post we discussed a post uploaded by our friends at Vend, which described some tips as to how to turn window shoppers into customers. This post is the second in our series. 

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Tips to Turn Window Shoppers into Customers via a Store Display (Post 1 of 2)

Vend posted an incredibly helpful blog about how to turn lookers into buyers this holiday season; but, in reality, these tips can be helpful for companies year-round.

Topics: retail window merchandising new customers window shopper

Four Ways to Interest Millennials in Your Business

A lot is often said about the millennial demographic. One of the more accurate statements about them is that they don't fall for the same marketing tricks that you and your parents may have fallen for back in the day. So how do you change things up in order to better market to them?

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