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Five Primary Reasons why MSO's Fail

In the nearly 25 years I've been doing this I've been privileged to work with the best MSO's in the industry; and unfortunately I've watched some good people lose lucrative MSO companies. 

It's a well-known axiom that over half of business fail within 5 years of startup. That number holds true in the retail industry, and I'm certain that part of the reason for the retail drop off is connected to inadequate merchandising services delivery.

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Getting and Keeping Attention: The Most Important Skill for Your Career

Here's a twist on an old head scratcher: If you do a great job in your stores, and nobody knows, does it even matter? I say the answer is no. Here's why...

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Important Changes the CG Field Service Software Industry Needs to Bring to Retail Point of Sale

Retailers – are constantly looking for ways to improve store sales. In some cases, they can find answers in streamlining the purchase process. In others, it's improving inventory turnover. No matter what a given retailer's approach might be, point-of-sale technology provides one answer. If they take it one step further with mobile connectivity, they'll encounter even more benefits.

In fact, you may have already seen this happening in places like the Apple Store. It's amazing, for reasons I'll detail below.

However there's a huge technology gap. While we all encourage field service reps to help retail customers in-store, they don't have the same tools as the retail sales associates. That needs to change. I argue that somebody needs to start working on a technology that brings everything below to every rep who walks into a store.

Are their security concerns? Of course. Data issues? Certainly. But should this be done? Absolutely. Because of the awesome benefits to the retailer, and therefore the entire supply chain. Specifically...

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Who's Got Your Money?

Grant Cardone, a self-made multi-millionaire who makes funny and entertaining social media posts to attract attention of customers once put out a blog post titled, "Who's Got Your Money?" In that post there was something incredibly striking...

“I am done playing around, I’m done with average, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, I’m done playing below my potential, I’m done just barely getting by, just barely making it, I’m done with little planes, little trips, little think, and little people. I want new money and I want to exchange with new customers."

And you know, there is so much motivational stuff out there for people who are in commissioned sales -- as many of our readers are. But what about the hundreds of thousands of hourly and salaried reps, field supervisors, HQ managers, and field sales people? Who's got YOUR money?

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Why HTML Connected Mobile Apps are a Terrible Solution for Merchandising Field Service

If I were a manufacturer, retailer, or MSO, the one thing I'd avoid like the plague is an HTML or HTML5, connected, mobile application for field sales and service. This post will detail my thoughts on why.

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Optimize Field Service Management for Smoother Operations and Happier Clients

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies have been facing significant challenges since the economic downturn started a decade ago. Disposable incomes have remained flat or decreased, new digital media has fragmented the consumer ecosystem, and increased worldwide competition has leveled the playing field to a degree.

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Mobile technology: An essential part of your merchandising services workforce management

Mobile-integrated technology has burst onto the scene in so many industries. The benefits of being a mobile-connected organization can be felt in verticals steeped in history – and brand-new ones as well. For companies with a field workforce (like merchandise service orgs), mobile is becoming an essential ingredient to success.

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3 Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Customers' Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

When it comes to giving advice in the retail world, no one hits it out of the park like The Retail Doctor, and he does it again with his recent post on how business people can strengthen their brick-and-mortar business in a time when it feels like everything is going digital. Let's take a lesson from this and read it to learn what we can do to help our customers strengthen theirs.

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The Importance of Mobile and Big Data in Retail Marketing

NRF recently shared a post in which they discussed the importance of mobile and big data in retail marketing. Sure, you may be measuring both of these things, but are you using the data that you collect in order to provide the maximum benefit to your business?

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