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It's 2:30 pm...Do You Know Where Your Retail Field Rep Is?

During a recent conversation with a manufacturer's field manager, the manager said: "Managing a retail merchandising / sales field team is tough." When I asked him why, he said, "I don't know where half my retail service team is most of the time." I was dumbfounded.

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What Consumer Goods Manufacturers Want – And How You Sell Retail Field Sales and Service to Them

Merchandising service organizations are constantly under pressure to expand their product categories and the number of doors they support; and part of your mission is to sell CG manufacturers on how great partnering with your organization will be for them. To that end, ESP has published an Ebook on this topic, and what follows is an abstract from that book...

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13 Outstanding Qualities of Field Merchandising and Sales Reps

Merchandising has been a high-turnover space for years. Field reps come and go, but you want to hang on to "the good ones" (or if you're a merchandiser, you want to be the "good one" they hold on to!)  So what makes a successful sales and/or merchandising rep? Here are 13 qualities that can make someone a perfect rep for your merchandising services team.

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Helping Retailers Thrive: Recommending the Best Merchandising Stands

While most retailers manage the selection and placement of display stands in their stores, you may have an opportunity to separate your company from other retailing vendors by going the extra mile for your clients. How, you say? By recommending merchandising stands and fixtures that will help improve basket size, increase traffic, and increase margin.

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The SINGLE Most Important Factor That Makes a Successful Merchandising Field Service Manager

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Manage Retail Execution to Get and Keep Every Store Perfect

You'll never get and keep Every Store Perfect until field managers, sales reps, front-line merchandisers -- actually --  everyone that faces your customers are on the same page. It just doesn't work otherwise. 

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