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CPG Manufacturers Should Focus on Retail Execution to Get More Shelf Space

Getting your products on retailer shelves can be filled with hurdles. Retailers allocate shelf space based primarily on profit margins. Those profit margins are razor-thin, so getting your foot in the door is incredibly challenging.

Add to that the impact that ecommerce sales have had on physical stores, and you see that shelf space has to be optimized, from the retailers perspective.

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Field Reps are like the New Kids at School...And Here's Why

Whether it be in school, the workplace, or in a circle of friends, everyone has had some type of experience with a newcomer. Upon arrival, they induce mystery, curiosity, and the potential for new relationships. 

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You Don't Need to Manage Retail Merchandisers Every Minute...But Here Are 8 Reasons You Should

MSOs and manufacturers with field teams have a common challenge: staying on top of their field reps. Vendors with employees in the field need tight management at times. To keep EVERY STORE PERFECT, you've got to get and receive communications to understand:

  • where reps are located or what their daily travel plans look like
  • what the in-store situation is
  • how long reps are on site
  • who is available for an open job
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Win at Retail with 100% Execution

In these challenging times for retail, manufacturers and MSOs have to bring every advantage to the table to succeed in this business. Often they think that means hiring the best field service reps or making the most appealing products. But a full team and great merchandise don’t automatically translate to a winning formula. History is full of vendors who fell flat because they didn’t win using the key ingredient -- Execution.

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Get More Space Using a Little Known Tool Called a Flex Section

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MSOs Should Be Using Real-time Information to Rise Above the Pack

Merchandising Service Organizations who are still using outdated technology...STEP UP YOUR GAME. To stay competitive means doing anything you can to serve your clients.

That means you’ve got to be ultra-responsive.

What does that take? Real-time information. Why wait until end-of-day to get reports from the field? You want to know about out-of-stocks, missing shelf tags, and incomplete visits while reps are on site.  

Getting store execution perfect 100% should be the goal, right? Well, it’s achievable...but you need to rely on real-time information.

Among the key information sets you need are…

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Your Goal is to Help Retailers Increase Basket Size

I read an article about how CVS was experiencing growth by increasing basket size. These days, that's what will keep retailers in business. And as a Manufacturer or an MSO, you can play a big role in achieving that aim. Your merchandisers should want to help drive higher purchases.

Keep in mind, convenience is a BIG PART of the game now. Customers have too many easy options without stepping foot in the store. That means you've got to make products "shoppable"...get them off the shelf and into a cart. So your retail merchandising team has got to avoid crucial errors when they're setting up displays.

Let's take a look at common errors you must avoid at all costs.

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How Do you Get More Doors From Your Retail Field Reps?

With the recent increase in store closures, competition is heating up for manufacturers and MSOs who support retailers. So you've got to be thinking about how to separate your company from other supply chain vendors who might be looking to carve out a bigger piece of the shrinking pie.

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