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Field Reps are like the New Kids at School...And Here's Why

Whether it be in school, the workplace, or in a circle of friends, everyone has had some type of experience with a newcomer. Upon arrival, they induce mystery, curiosity, and the potential for new relationships. 


When you're new to a place or a store, you're essentially starting from the bottom. Typically, there is no prearranged affiliation within the store so it's all on you to make an impression and grab the attention of stores' management.   

Field Reps should be taking full advantage of all the possibilities this creates and using it to leverage more trust and freedom in stores. Maintaining relationships within a store is crucial to maximizing your full potential and being successful. Many companies boast a 'family-like' atmosphere among co-workers and management; one of your main goals should be to become part of their team. 


Ways to build and keep a positive and open relationship include:

  • Greeting management and letting them know you're present and there to help.
  • Maintaining a clean work space during the day and its especially important, if any tools or signing remain on-site, that they stayed well organized and out of the way.
  • Visit the store frequently.
  • Know your product well.
  • Know the store well.
  • Share your schedule with the store associates.

Store Management's Top Pet-Peeves:

  • Sporadic schedules
  • Incomplete and/or unacceptable work
  • Different reps at every visit
  • Lack of cleanliness and accountability

When there is poor communication and you lack a real relationship with management in a store, it becomes infinitely more difficult to get and keep Every Store Perfect. Just like in school, the the only way to survive being the new kid is to have confidence and confidence in the field presents itself many different ways. The most important things to remember is to have a working knowledge of the products, know and be able to speak to your business, and keep up to date through research and studying this blog. Use these tips to help your brand and let us know  how well they work for you.

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