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If You're Not Part of the Retail Execution Solution, You're Part of the Retail Execution Problem

Yesterday I wrote a post about Retail Execution with Emphasis on Stockouts and was discussing it with my Retail Execution Expert, Mitch Fields (follow him at twitter.com/themitchfields) and we started kicking around an idea to go out and just video how bad it really is out there. The results will BLOW YOUR MIND!

I ended up only looking at a portion of each store -- because for one thing, I didn't want to get thrown out... and for another didn't want to look creepy (or interrupt of change the buying intent of) shoppers. And honestly, I think it makes our point.  Even cutting the video sessions short this video goes on, and on, and on, and on.  

Want to know how bad it is out there? Give me about 6 minutes or so, sit back, and prepare to have your mind blown.

If any of your products were shown, please don't take it personally. I didn't look or or avoid any shelf holes. I simply filmed what was out there, on a random Wednesday after lunch.

If you want to become part of the Retail Execution Solution follow the link in this sentence and we will get you fixed right up.

Finally, on a personal note, it's clear the industry has a long way to go in order to achieve the goal of Perfect Stores. What we saw in two random stores is also not to single out their chains. I see the same thing nearly everywhere I go.

So to the industry as a whole, I say "WAKE UP!" because this is NOT gaining us any ground against on-line buying!

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