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Keeping in Touch: 5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Field Reps Via Mobile Messaging

Considering how nearly everyone has a smartphone nowadays, if your organization isn't hopping on the bandwagon to harness that technology for the greater good, then you'll be surprised at how fast the competition will leave you in the dust - especially if you manage a remote team of field reps. Here are five reasons why your company should already be taking advantage of mobile messaging capability.

Keeping in Touch: 5 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Field Reps Via Mobile Messaging

1. Reach Your Reps at a Moment's Notice

For one thing, mobile messaging can help you reach your reps at a moment's notice, and vice versa, if a problem arises while that rep is out in the field. Messaging is also more professional than calling your rep when s/he might be engaged in conversation with the store manager or another member of that store's staff. Plus, if you want to discuss something about that particular store that you might not want its manager to overhear, dropping your rep a message for him or her to read when it's more convenient is significantly more tactful.

Mobile messaging is also a great way to get your entire team on the same page in an instant when you have a message that the whole team needs to know. And that saves an immeasurable amount of time when you consider that, in the past, field managers would have to call each and every individual rep to impart that same message.

2. Create a Paper Trail

Paper trails are also easier to create with mobile messaging, should you develop a need for one. Keeping messages on file can help you document if and when you spoke to a particular rep about his or her performance, or you can refer back to these messages in the future if you need to check on how a particular store is doing with regard to an issue they may have needed to fix.

3. Take a Picture

And speaking of documenting things, pictures are worth a thousand words and can be sent to management via mobile messaging. In seconds, a field manager can see whether a promotional display is properly set up, whether a shelf is properly stocked, whether a repair needs to be made to that store, or whether that store could probably benefit from a surprise audit due to their backroom or bathroom being unkempt.

4. Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA)

Field managers can also benefit from what is called "mobile marketing automation" (MMA). MMA reminds your reps of important tasks so that you don't have to, freeing you up for potentially more important tasks yourself. MMA works by sending out automatic messages based on the program that you set up. So, for example, if you want to schedule a physical meeting and you want all of your reps to attend, then you can program an automatic alert via MMA that will let them all know in advance when and where the meeting is and whether or not attendance is mandatory.

5. Apps

With every smartphone comes the ability to use apps, and this might be something you want to incorporate into your daily activities as well. Mobile CRM apps allow field reps and their managers to plan their itineraries, share files with each other, and verify and map store locations, amongst other helpful, routine tasks. Apps allow field managers to better streamline both theirs and their reps' day-to-day activities, which is incredibly helpful when everyone works apart from each other and it is more difficult for reps to check in.

Are you enjoying the benefits that come from using mobile messaging? If not, the reasons provided above should be the motivation you need to get started. See how you stack up against the competition by clicking below to receive our free Field Force Productivity Assessment.

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