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Selling is a HUGE Part of Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Make no mistake: customer experience will make or break traditional brick and mortar retail.

Also make no mistake: traditional brick and mortar retail is losing that battle.

Ask anyone you know about their average shopping experience, and you’ll get a earful of just how bad it really is out there – and if you make your living in “bricks and sticks,” you should be horrified.

While we have a ton of material about shopping experience, right now we’re only going to talk about one component of shopping experience. And that’s how sales plays a huge role in the shopping experience.

What is the shopping experience, and why is it important to focus on sales as part of the shopping experience?

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True Selling is Helping, and Not a Bad Thing

There’s an old saying that nobody likes to be sold, but everyone loves to buy. And all you need to think about to know that’s true is to remember the last time you bought something.

Sadly, over the years, people who didn’t understand that selling is helping people buy and not pushing things on them they don’t want to buy have caused damage to the profession in terms of telling people you’re in sales, and how people react when they know they’re talking to a salesperson.

The great news is you get the chance to change that every time you approach a customer in a store. You’re there to help them solve problems and make their life better – and 99% of the time they are not in the store unless they are specifically looking to solve problems and make their life better. What could be a better way to make a living?

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Shopper vs. Consumer...Who Are You Focused On?

It looks like a sad reality for the future in retailing: sales volume will get more challenging to sustain due to shrinking family size and consistently rising commodity prices as a result of globalization.

And let’s not forget the impact that giants like Amazon and others will have on the future of the retailing experience.

So we need to be clear: knowing the customer profile is CRITICAL to brick-and-mortar retailing success. But knowing who they are is one thing. Understanding how they behave is another. Your customers and their families occupy two distinct personas - consumers and shoppers -  and you want your stores focused on both.

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The 7 Steps of the Retail Sale

Ok. I'm going to make this super simple for you.

As you already know, people have been selling things to other people for thousands of years. And over all those many years, those who became experts have figured out what it takes to be an expert – literally millions of times.

And what they all say is that there are seven, easy, steps that make up the retail sale. Learn them. Live them. Love them. And you too can become a master of retail sales, and achieve retail greatness!

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Sales People are Made, Not Born

If you're working in a retail store, whether you're a store employee, a vendor, a broker, etc. --basically if you are on the selling floor, one of the most important things you can do is sell.

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5 Costs That Midsize Retailers Can Trim Down While Lifting Operating Efficiency

One of the biggest areas to impact midsize retailers’ profitability is cost reduction; and the only way to do that is to challenge every expense.

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Build Your CPG Brand Loyalty by Using Data Wisely

There's a lot of gloom and doom in the media these days about retailing. Brands are shuttering stores, foot traffic is losing to ecommerce, and so on. But CPG brands are still competing, constantly looking for advantages that can help win at the shelf. And some are doing well at it.

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CPG Brands: Do You Understand How Important Retail Store Servicing Is?

Did you hear about how Amazon recently beat the entire retail industry in market growth? Online shopping for consumer goods is becoming popular, especially among so-called millennials.  Consequently, the consumer packaged goods industry is no doubt changing, making competition even fiercer for store real estate.

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Help Your Retail Department Manager to Shine

Relationships within a store are monumental not only to successful merchandising but they also act as a catalyst to drive sales. Unlike the communication you have with a salaried or top level store manager, associations with a department manager should be thought of more like an alliance; a teammate if you will. 
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CPG Manufacturers Should Focus on Retail Execution to Get More Shelf Space

Getting your products on retailer shelves can be filled with hurdles. Retailers allocate shelf space based primarily on profit margins. Those profit margins are razor-thin, so getting your foot in the door is incredibly challenging.

Add to that the impact that ecommerce sales have had on physical stores, and you see that shelf space has to be optimized, from the retailers perspective.

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