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3 Kinds of Communication that are Crucial for Remote Workers

The key to making any relationship work, business or otherwise, is communication. Not being clear with each other can lead to a host of misunderstandings, and those misunderstandings can quickly grow into something unmanageable.

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7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Customer

Sure, bringing in new customers is essential to a business' lifeblood, but so is keeping happy the customers you currently have. For one thing, it is certainly less costly to maintain a customer base than it is to bring in new folks.

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6 Simple Secrets to Clear, Effective Field-Based Communication

If you think effective communication can only be accomplished in small companies that seem to have more time on their hands, you may want to reconsider. You may also be wondering how it is, in this information age where we have a veritable plethora of tools to communicate with, that there is a lack of communication within your company.

As you well know, communicating between a geographically diverse field team is harder than communicating with a team that is all under the same roof — which is already hard enough.  

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How Managers of Field Reps Create Clearer Communication

Working with people in the field requires a manager in a central office or a mobile office to have some faith in their field reps' efforts. All operational concerns and issues that arise require effective communication. These are easier to deal with if a field manager can create clearer communication with all field reps and then sustain it over time. We recommend these tips for keeping in regular communication with your field reps and ensuring they understand your expectations as a manager.

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