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Want Your Customers to Have Perfect Shopping Experiences? Try it. Test it. Tweak it. And Start All Over Again.

"Eat your own dog food." It's a term that I learned years ago that transformed our business; and it's something you need to do too. And I'm going to teach it to you now.

It means that unless you use your own products and services you have NO IDEA what your customer experience is like. And years ago when I started forcing our team to use our own tools to train and manage our own people, it was a real eye opener -- and caused us to completely redesign everything to make it something that I would take pleasure in using.

So as a retail executive, do you even know what your shoppers experience? In every store? In slow times and during the holiday rush? Have you tried it?


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The Brick & Mortar Survival Guide Now Available in the Kindle Store

I've always wanted to write a book, and started hundreds; but I never thought the first one I'd finish would be all about saving brick & mortar retail.

It came about because I'd been doing a lot of home improvement over the summer -- and visiting ALL KINDS of retail stores for the many projects that I'd taken on.

And a weird thing began to happen. I, who never ordered more than a few things from Amazon.com found myself gradually ordering more and more from Amazon as each trip to all of these various retail stores made it clear that the retail shopping expeirence is HORRIBLE.

They are out of stock on a HUGE number of products. MANY in-store associates are untrained, often rude, apathetic, and more often than not I found myself making MANY trips to the same store (because the associate who helped me didn't understand my problem and sold me a partial solution), or different stores (because it took several stores to find enough things in stock to complete one project.)

Gradually, I was being PUSHED to Amazon -- and if Amazon didn't have it -- searching out other online vendors.

And then it hit me.

Traditional Retail is dying.

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Selling is a HUGE Part of Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Make no mistake: customer experience will make or break traditional brick and mortar retail.

Also make no mistake: traditional brick and mortar retail is losing that battle.

Ask anyone you know about their average shopping experience, and you’ll get a earful of just how bad it really is out there – and if you make your living in “bricks and sticks,” you should be horrified.

While we have a ton of material about shopping experience, right now we’re only going to talk about one component of shopping experience. And that’s how sales plays a huge role in the shopping experience.

What is the shopping experience, and why is it important to focus on sales as part of the shopping experience?

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