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A Day in the Life of a Field Manager

As a rep, you may wonder how a typical day goes for your average field manager, particularly because working remotely does not afford you the same awareness of your teammates as does working in an office setting. Well, there's no real mystery to it. A day in the life of a field manager is akin to a day in the life of any manager in any business setting.

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The Answer is "Yes," You Too Can Benefit from Using Field Management Software

Perhaps you have what others would consider an unconventional business in that you don't have a retail location where shelves are stocked, audits are conducted, and field managers are visiting you every quarter, so how could you possibly benefit from field management software? The answer might surprise you. No matter what you business you are in, chances are there is a way to make field management software work for you.

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The Ultimate Skills for Successful Field Force Management

I recently had lunch with a friend who supervises a large sales force. Mark — we'll call him explained that he used to love working in sales, but since he became a supervisor, he often dreaded coming to work. He felt he knew the job, but he did not have the "secret skills" needed to successfully supervise his team. He just wanted to be good at his job again, but he had no clue where to start.

I spoke with Mark on several occasions, and I noticed four key ingredients as he was asking himself, "what are the makings of a great field force supervisor?"

Now let's face it, that is a great question every sales force team leader must ask. So let's answer it right here. Ready?

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