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You Don't Need to Manage Retail Merchandisers Every Minute...But Here Are 8 Reasons You Should

MSOs and manufacturers with field teams have a common challenge: staying on top of their field reps. Vendors with employees in the field need tight management at times. To keep EVERY STORE PERFECT, you've got to get and receive communications to understand:

  • where reps are located or what their daily travel plans look like
  • what the in-store situation is
  • how long reps are on site
  • who is available for an open job
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The Answer is "Yes," You Too Can Benefit from Using Field Management Software

Perhaps you have what others would consider an unconventional business in that you don't have a retail location where shelves are stocked, audits are conducted, and field managers are visiting you every quarter, so how could you possibly benefit from field management software? The answer might surprise you. No matter what you business you are in, chances are there is a way to make field management software work for you.

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