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Why It is So Important to Be Able to Trust Your Staff


Would you give your all to a manager who you know doesn't trust you? Probably not. You'd probably do the bare minimum in order to not get fired. This is one of the most important reasons why a manager should be able to trust - and properly convey that he trusts - his staff. Morale, productivity, mood - everything suffers when there is a feeling of mistrust afoot.

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5 Important Interview Questions to Ask the Aspiring Field Rep

When interviewing candidates to fill an open field rep position, you need to know the right questions to ask that will ensure that the candidate before you is going to excel at the job and put in 110 percent all of the time. The candidate's views must match those of the organization, or you will end up clashing with each other for the duration of that candidate's employment.

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9 Qualities of Successful Field Reps

Every Field Manager knows that there is a significant difference between the Field Rep that is just there for a paycheck and the Field Rep who honestly loves their job and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that every customer that walks through that store's door has an overwhelmingly positive experience.  

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Personality Traits to Look for In a Merchandising Field Representative

While some people dread the process of hiring a new field sales or service professional, doing so can become a pleasant experience if you hire people with the right personality traits.  Here is a list of often overlooked traits that can make or break your field team.

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