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The Importance of Effectively Building and Managing a Company's Culture

There are a great number of books available that detail exactly how to build and manage a culture.  One of my favorites is The Advantage, by Patrick Lencioni. 

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Helping Your Team Create a "Wow!" Experience for Every Customer

In the example we used in our previous blog post where we created a fundamental to build relationships with store managers, understand their business wants, needs, and requirements – then communicate it back to HQ, you’ll want to study the answers you’re getting back to better model your day-to-day service in such a way that you exceed expectations (again, via autopilot.)  Suddenly the ‘rituals’ (which can be said in other ways like: “that’s just what we do,” or more colloquially, “that’s how we roll") simply and automatically delight your customers.

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Why a Culture of Greatness is Required for "Perfect" Stores

Have you noticed, say, in the last 10-15 years how the quality of all service has declined?  It’s as if the entire world has converted to an entitlement-attitude and feels they are doing you a favor to over-charge you for bare-minimum service.  People say they will return your calls and don’t.  They rarely get it right the first time.  Everything takes way longer than it should, and it’s a surprise if you feel like you receive 100% of the value you paid for.  What’s worse is that when you complain about it, you’re often met with a blank stare that screams, “I really don’t care.  Please just go away.”

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Yes, Company Culture is Possible with Remote Teams

While many may think that you can't have a company culture unless you're working a regular 9-to-5 in an office somewhere, that's not actually true. Cultivating a sense of company culture is possible -and just as important - for teams who are out there working in the field.

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Why Most Field Service Executives Don't Create a Culture Plan

If you were to ask your team of Field Service Executives if they believed that culture is important to a business, nine times out of ten, the majority would agree that yes, culture is absolutely important, and that it affects every aspect of the business and its relationships. However, if you were to ask that same team if they were actively working on a plan to improve the company's approach to that culture, how many executives do you think would be able to confirm that they were, in fact, doing just that? 

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3 Red Flags That Indicate Your Company Needs a New Culture

The world of start-ups has permanently changed the way businesses works, and perhaps their most important legacy is that of company culture. The CEO of AirBnB has gone as far as suggesting that company culture will be AirBnB's most important legacy, as it alters and changes everything else that goes on within a business. So, how does your company culture stack up? Do you believe a shake-up is in order?

Here are three red flags that might indicate it's time for a big change in your company culture.

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