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10 Ideas to Increase Sales Figures and Loyal Customers

It never hurts to try out a promotion every now and then to give a boost to your sales figures, but how about if you can tie that promotion to the idea of also increasing not only the number of customers you bring into your store, but also the number of customers who will remain loyal once they get there? This is a critical topic that doesn't get enough coverage: Are you just giving product away to existing customers who would have bought it anyway, or are you changing behavior of current (and new) customers?

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3 Tips to Help Increase Your Sales Numbers

Even stores that have a banner year and can report the best sales figures in the history of that location could still benefit from some tips on how to improve their sales.

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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sales Numbers

It can be a hard world at times for retailers when it's so much easier for a customer to simply go online and purchase the exact style, shape, size, color, or brand that they are looking for. But brick-and-mortar stores still do pretty well when taking this relatively new convenience into consideration.

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