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Mobile technology: An essential part of your merchandising services workforce management

Mobile-integrated technology has burst onto the scene in so many industries. The benefits of being a mobile-connected organization can be felt in verticals steeped in history – and brand-new ones as well. For companies with a field workforce (like merchandise service orgs), mobile is becoming an essential ingredient to success.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Ditch the Paper and Opt Instead for Mobile Apps

When the time comes for recording data, you may immediately default to paper as the method by which it should be collected, but paper is proving more and more inefficient as time goes on and as technology improves.  

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Why Companies are Turning More and More Toward Pre-Built Mobile Apps


In 1989 when we started our company, so little software existed for the Retail Industry that companies -- even huge companies -- flocked to buy what we (and our competitors) built to gain a competitive advantage.  Once those huge companies saw how much value a retail merchandising software application could provide they quickly hungered for more -- yet as an industry we were not meeting the demands of those enterprise-application-hungry companies and some looked inward to gain the enterprise level features they craved.

Now the pendulum is swinging back again, and we see billion dollar companies switching back to vendor supplied applications.  Here's why...

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