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2017 Holiday Hiring is More Expensive...So How Do You Optimize Temporary Store Associates?

The holidays are coming! How will this year’s forecast of higher spending affect your stores? A recent article in Chain Store Age revealed that retailers will be paying more for temporary help. But that isn’t stopping Target from hiring an anticipated 100K seasonal employees or keeping Macy’s from bringing 80K on board.

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You Don't Need to Manage Retail Merchandisers Every Minute...But Here Are 8 Reasons You Should

MSOs and manufacturers with field teams have a common challenge: staying on top of their field reps. Vendors with employees in the field need tight management at times. To keep EVERY STORE PERFECT, you've got to get and receive communications to understand:

  • where reps are located or what their daily travel plans look like
  • what the in-store situation is
  • how long reps are on site
  • who is available for an open job
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You're Doing Field Management Wrong. Here's Why, How to Fix It; and the Value of Doing So.

Are you doing everything you can to ensure the best, most profitable outcomes with your retail field sales and/or service team? The odds are overwhelmingly negative that you're not. Few companies have the means to measure what needs to be measured -- and the levers to pull to get those metrics perfect. Even some that do have to tools lack the people and process to extract maximum value from their use.

As a technology provider, we get to see a lot of "other people's" mistakes -- both before and after they become customers, and working with them to improve gives us a unique perspective into the good, bad, and ugly of retail execution management. 

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