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Your Customers EXPECT You To Train Your Associates, and Value Trained Associates as Part of a Great Experience

So, you’ve invested in prime retail real estate, marketing, computer systems, and ____ (anything having to do with setting up your brand). Is that investment paying off?

Could a lack of good training be the reason your sales numbers aren’t higher?

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Want Happy Shoppers? Create Happy Associates!

A retail news op-ed article caught my attention recently. It talked about the plight of the retail worker, claiming that associates are treated like “yo-yos” with their schedules.

Retailers have operated with an on-demand approach forever. It’s doubtful that will change anytime soon, especially as technology allows us to understand shopping behavior better than ever before. But the pain that retail store associates feel with regard to their schedules IS REAL. And that pain could lead to lower store performance.

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Managing Retail Inventory Is a Whole New Ballgame


Inventory ties up cash. It’s an age-old reality that is becoming more of an issue as the omnichannel retail experience heats up. It’s tough to rely on the old periodic inventory count and keep up with consumer demands such as BOPIS (“buy online, pick up in store”) and BORIS (“buy online, return in store”).

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Retailers: The Sky is NOT Falling for Every Brick-and-Mortar


Stop the presses! The so-called “retail apocalypse” may not ALWAYS be the result of Amazon and other e-commerce brands wrestling traffic away from brick-and-mortar stores.

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Shopper vs. Consumer...Who Are You Focused On?

It looks like a sad reality for the future in retailing: sales volume will get more challenging to sustain due to shrinking family size and consistently rising commodity prices as a result of globalization.

And let’s not forget the impact that giants like Amazon and others will have on the future of the retailing experience.

So we need to be clear: knowing the customer profile is CRITICAL to brick-and-mortar retailing success. But knowing who they are is one thing. Understanding how they behave is another. Your customers and their families occupy two distinct personas - consumers and shoppers -  and you want your stores focused on both.

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