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Your Customers EXPECT You To Train Your Associates, and Value Trained Associates as Part of a Great Experience

So, you’ve invested in prime retail real estate, marketing, computer systems, and ____ (anything having to do with setting up your brand). Is that investment paying off?

Could a lack of good training be the reason your sales numbers aren’t higher?

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2017 Holiday Hiring is More Expensive...So How Do You Optimize Temporary Store Associates?

The holidays are coming! How will this year’s forecast of higher spending affect your stores? A recent article in Chain Store Age revealed that retailers will be paying more for temporary help. But that isn’t stopping Target from hiring an anticipated 100K seasonal employees or keeping Macy’s from bringing 80K on board.

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8 Ways to Improve on Your Retail Sales Training

Training is so important, mainly because whatever you do during the training session is what your employees are going to remember and act on when they're out in the field. So if you screw up one aspect of the training session, that screw-up is going to replicate like a computer virus.

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12 Tips to Help Retailers in the Pet Industry Increase Their Bottom Line

Bumping up sales may not seem like an easy task for a retailer to accomplish, but it's actually not as hard as it seems. The pet industry in particular can be rather lucrative, as the American Pet Products Association proved when it estimated back in 2012 that almost $53 billion was spent on pets that year. What can we say; we love our animals.

Pet retailers share common goals with other retailers, specifically, the three pillars of: increasing traffic, increasing basket size, and improving margin.

What follows are 12 suggestions that can help retailers in the pet industry see significant increases in their overall bottom lines, by staying true to the three pillars above.

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5 Ridiculous Questions Field Sales & Service Reps Should Never Ask the Retail Customer

Customers need to feel comfortable with their salespeople in order to make a purchase.  Sadly, what follows are five common and ridiculous questions that salespeople often ask their customers.  Don't allow your sales force to make these same mistakes.

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