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2017 Holiday Hiring is More Expensive...So How Do You Optimize Temporary Store Associates?

The holidays are coming! How will this year’s forecast of higher spending affect your stores? A recent article in Chain Store Age revealed that retailers will be paying more for temporary help. But that isn’t stopping Target from hiring an anticipated 100K seasonal employees or keeping Macy’s from bringing 80K on board.

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Selling is a HUGE Part of Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Make no mistake: customer experience will make or break traditional brick and mortar retail.

Also make no mistake: traditional brick and mortar retail is losing that battle.

Ask anyone you know about their average shopping experience, and you’ll get a earful of just how bad it really is out there – and if you make your living in “bricks and sticks,” you should be horrified.

While we have a ton of material about shopping experience, right now we’re only going to talk about one component of shopping experience. And that’s how sales plays a huge role in the shopping experience.

What is the shopping experience, and why is it important to focus on sales as part of the shopping experience?

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