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Who's Got Your Money?

Grant Cardone, a self-made multi-millionaire who makes funny and entertaining social media posts to attract attention of customers once put out a blog post titled, "Who's Got Your Money?" In that post there was something incredibly striking...

“I am done playing around, I’m done with average, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, I’m done playing below my potential, I’m done just barely getting by, just barely making it, I’m done with little planes, little trips, little think, and little people. I want new money and I want to exchange with new customers."

And you know, there is so much motivational stuff out there for people who are in commissioned sales -- as many of our readers are. But what about the hundreds of thousands of hourly and salaried reps, field supervisors, HQ managers, and field sales people? Who's got YOUR money?

Who's Got Your Money?

Having owned businesses since 1981; I've hired, fired, promoted, demoted, granted raises, pay cuts, extended time off, and I've canceled vacations many, many times.

In every case, the decision was simple: "Is what I'm about to do best for my company, my employees, my customers, and the long-term health of my company?"  If the answer is yes, then I don't even have to think about it any longer.

You may have noticed that my company and employees are listed before my customers. That doesn't mean that I don't place extreme value on our customers. What it means is, if my company falls apart I can't serve my customers long term. Therefore, because at the end of the day customers are most important I must protect my ability to serve them by putting the needs of my company (and the employees that make it up) first in the short term.

Because I know who's got MY money -- it's the set of all people I can help to get THEIR money. And the better job I can do in helping people to get their money, the better job I can do in helping my company, my employees, and myself... get our money.

And it's this exact attitude that employees need to take in order to the THEIR money. 

Think about, if we change Grant Cardone's words to words of service, how they sound:

I am done playing around, I’m done with average, I’m sick and tired of delivering results that are sick and tired, I’m done serving below my potential, I’m done doing just enough to get by, just barely avoiding being fired , I’m done with little efforts, little results, little think, and listening to gossip and the negative talk of little people. I want new successes and opportunities for my employer and I want to help my employer get new customers.

Print that out and tape it over your mirror, read it every morning, and hit the stores with that attitude and watch what happens! 

In fact, nothing is going to happen right away. You have to do it over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Old habits are hard to change, and people are very slow to notice changed behavior. Even when they do finally notice, they're going to not realize how long you've been changing and assume you'll revert back to your old ways. Don't!

One day your employer, your stores, your managers, your peers, and your direct reports are going to wake up and have an 'overnight' epiphany! You've become such an important part of how they get THEIR money, that they want to do everything possible to make sure you get YOUR money. (Actually, the thought process is, "We don't want to lose this resource -- s/he is too important to our overall success. So the answers to promotions, pay-raises, bonuses, extra time off, etc. become very easy to say yes to."

I'd like to end this post with this:

In my job, I get to talk to the owners and CEO's of many companies in consumer packaged goods, and I used to be surprised when I'd be speaking with one that s/he started as a field merchandiser and worked up from there. I'm not surprised any more. In fact, it's very often that I hear that.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, however, because my job in college was merchandising pool chemicals at Albertson's stores.

Got out there and help your employer to help their customers get THEIR money, and you'll find that getting YOUR money becomes a lot easier!

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